BDSM verhalen

Geef uw mening

Het Ontwaken

I woke up with a warm feeling inside me and felt his hands gently caressing my body. He had managed to remove my clothes while I was still asleep, tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed and was enjoying worshipping my body while I lay there. He knew that I loved just lying there and feeling him explore me,... Click to Read More

De Vlucht

The flight to New York was always a long one and I tended to find it pretty boring as I had done it so many times. I didn't sleep well on planes and although they tended to dim the lights and hand out blankets and pillows, I did not tend to be able to relax very much. There was always too much noise and it was not dark... Click to Read More

Het Feest

I love dressing up and my friends fancy dress party was a really great excuse to wear something a bit outrageous. I do an office job where I am expected to look smart and conservative all of the time and so I like to dress in a more exciting way when I am out of the office. I usually wear short skirts to show off my... Click to Read More

De Butler

John had been a butler ever since he had left school. He was always hoping to work in a hotel and that was how he had trained, but he ended up working for a rather well off family. They had a town house and a country house and he tended to travel with them so that he could serve the master of the household whenever he... Click to Read More

De Tuin

The garden was deserted and Molly had a really naughty idea. She was staying in a smart hotel with her boyfriend and it had a lovely garden with metal railings around and it was just getting dark and so they had decided to have a stroll before dinner. It was as romantic as they had hoped with the smell of the stocks... Click to Read More

De Ontmoeting

I had a bit of a shock the other day. I was at a party and I got a bit drunk, which was nothing unusual for me. I remember someone carrying me upstairs but after that I do not remember much, I guess I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up I was confused about where I was and then found that I could not move my... Click to Read More

Slave On A Leash

I walked into the bedroom and found my dark-haired slave waiting for me on the bed. She wore black high-heeled shoes, a blue denim mini skirt and a white long-sleeved blouse. Attached to the black leather collar around her neck was a six foot long chain leash. Without a word, I picked up the leash and pulled her... Click to Read More


Got talked into a night of light opera by Val – remember him? The fussy, stuffy guy who helped me with my gardening, and turned out not to be so stuffy after all? Yeah. Well, I’ve seen him several times since then, nothing heavy, but now I think he’s making a serious bid for me.

When he asked me to the opera... Click to Read More

Aanvaardbare Dominantie

I stepped into the small room behind Carrie. She turned to me and kissed me as she began to pull at my clothes. We passionately kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues as we pulled each other’s clothes off and threw them to the floor. She ran her thin long fingers along the length of my wet slit and then... Click to Read More